• Over 2 million flights are either delayed or cancelled every year
    Do not let your loved ones get stranded at the airport without any help

    Find a travel companion
    on your next trip

    Find a travel companion on your next trip

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  • Never miss
    Another reunion

Information delivered to you


We perform background checks and identity verifications of all travelers on our platform so you know you are safe no matter who you choose to travel with

Community Vetting

Get to know your companions through their detailed profiles and reviews by other travelers in the community

Social media

View your companions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by selecting corresponding links

Data Security

Safety of your digital identity is equally important to us. We encrypt all your private and financial data to the highest industry standard in compliance with PCIDSS

Instant Messaging

Our instant messenger ensures that you can communicate with your companion at anytime

Ensuring Your Safety

Before The Trip
All profiles display identity verification and contact info validations performed by your potential companion. Also included are reviews, travel score and certifications.
During The Trip
Our 24x7 customer support team ensures all of your questions and needs are taken care of every step of the way during the trip.
After The Trip
No cash transactions. All payments are done electronically so you can avoid the hassle of carrying cash. Ability to confirm successful trip completion and review your companion.

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