Adding Trip
Safety and Security
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How can I post my travel itinerary?
Once you set up your account with Exploryn, you can post a trip by simply clicking “Add Trip” on the main menu.
You can either post your trip as a “seeker” or “companion”.
Can I post a trip on behalf of family or friends?
Yes, on the travel itinerary form, please select the option to post a trip on behalf of your family members or friends.
You will be required to provide travelers name, gender and language information.
Please note that profile owners’ email and phone number will be shared with the travel companion upon a successful match.
Do you provide unaccompanied minor services?
Currently we do not; we require all travelers to be over the age of 18 or be accompanied by at least one traveler over that age. Exploryn is working with safety experts in aviation industry to incorporate unaccompanied minor travel to our list of services.
Will I be required to carry any additional documents to travel with a Exploryn companion?
No, you are required to carry the travel documents required by the aviation authorities in order to complete your trip.
If you are a traveler with medical condition or severe disability, please contact the aviation authorities for more details.
When do I receive my travel companion’s contact information?
You can contact your travel companion at any time using the real-time messaging system on our website or mobile app.
You will also receive your travel companion’s email address and phone number upon confirming the request to travel together.
Can I cancel my trips or requests in case of an emergency or change of plans?
Yes, you can cancel your trip 7 days prior to your scheduled departure date. This will allow your companion to find another traveler. Failure to cancel your trip 7 days prior to your departure date will result in a 20% cancellation fee.
How will I receive my service fee for providing assistance?
After the completion of the trip, a PayPal transfer will be initiated (within 2-4 business days) to the email address or phone number provided at the time of Exploryn account registration.
You can then choose to deposit funds from your PayPal account to your personal/business bank account.
What identity verification documents does Exploryn accept?
Exploryn’s identity verification system supports more than 3500 different types of passports and drivers licenses from over 196 countries.
Does Exploryn retain my identity verification documents?

No, once your identity has been established, the identity verification documents (i.e. driver’s license or passport) will be deleted within 24 hours. Only the expiration date of the identity card will be stored. Important things to remember about your identity card:

  • Ensure that the image of your identity card is clear. Distorted or out of focus images cannot be processed
  • Include both front and back of your identity card
  • The file size of your identity card image must be less than 4MB
  • Valid file formats: JPEG and PNG.
How does Exploryn ensure my safety?
Your safety is our highest priority. Exploryn has taken strict measures to ensure both travel safety and data security of our members.
We perform 3 - tier verifications (Identity, Social and Community verifications) on all the members on Exploryn to ensure your travel safety.
We also employ best industry practices and processes to ensure your personal, financial and social information.
Do you post on social media sites?
Exploryn does not save your social media login information nor do we post on your social media accounts without your permission.
Safety recommendations
  • Do not leave airport premises with your travel companion.
  • Should your travel companion misbehave or become unruly, inform airport security immediately and contact Exploryn.
  • Do not give your valuables or your travel documents to your travel companion.
  • Do not accept food or beverage from your travel companion.
What is Travel score?
Travel score is a measure of total number of travelers the person has accompanied though Exploryn.
How can I perform identity verification?
Upon posting a trip, we perform your identity verification based on your profile and trip information. If the result is inconclusive, your identity will remain unverified. If you choose to verify your identity, kindly email your drivers license or passport photocopy to us at support@exploryn.com
Note: We will delete the photocopy of your government issued id within 48 hours.
Why is there a minimum service cost associated with my trip?
A minimum service cost is calculated based on U.S Department of Labor statistics to adequately compensate your travel companion for the services provided during the trip.
What are the fees charged by Exploryn?
Exploryn charges a service fee of 12%-15% to assistance seekers. This fee is included at the time of posting your trip. A payout fee of 3% - 5% will be charged to assistance providers.
Should I be paying any taxes on my earnings?
Every country, state and county has different regulations. Please contact your local authorities for more information.