Our Story

Everyone should travel

We believe everyone should travel. Be it the experiences, memories and relationships you foster or people you help and lives you change (including yours), no matter what the reason is. For most of us, traveling is quite intimidating and stressful, and for some downright impossible

Trusted community marketplace

Based on our own families' experiences with traveling across the globe, we envisioned a better way to travel for all families and individuals. Founded in January 2015 and based in Washington DC, Exploryn is a trusted community marketplace for people to seek safe, secure, and reliable travel services

Connect travelers with companions

Exploryn connects travelers seeking assistance during their trips with companions. With a vision of an unified global community, Exploryn is dedicated to providing unique and safe travel experience to everyone by removing barriers and allowing people to go across borders, languages, cultures.

Three Values

At the end of the day, our goals are simple: your safety and security
We offer the right tools and choices so you can make informed decisions
We believe there is strength in the differences between us, which can inspire generations

What Our Customers Say